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© copyright by Diego Jimenez

© copyright by Diego Jimenez
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"Small Dos Amigos was my best dive ever. Brilliant cleaning stations with constant activity, culminating in a whale shark gliding over our heads and us divers gliding over the whale shark a few minutes later. In addition to the sharks I loved the schools of silver jacks, the marble rays, the colourful and feisty crayfish, the tiny reef fish and flower corals....and much more"

– Marion, Edinburgh Scotland

After a sunny and super easy crossing, we arrived at Cocos Island to stellar conditions and lots of wildlife! Our first day was fantastic, with hammerheads, whitetips, Galapagos sharks and a blacktip reef shark.

Manuelita Island gave us encounters with tiger sharks all week long, plus Galapagos sharks and various hammerheads. At Manuelita Outside we saw tiger sharks and large schools of hammerheads out in the blue with wonderful visibility. There were also eagle rays and blacktips throughout the week. The Coral Garden was popular with mobula rays, marble rays and hammerheads.

Dos Amigos Grande was amazing, with lots of fish in the arch and a giant manta ray. However, Small Dos Amigos was the overall favorite – that’s where we had our whale shark sighting. We also enjoyed incredibly close encounters with hammerheads using the cleaning station, and Galapagos sharks.

Never a dive site to disappoint, Dirty Rock delivered hammerheads both at the cleaning station and schooling in middle waters, plus Galapagos sharks, blacktips, yellowfin tunas and the otherworldly school of jacks at the pinnacle. At Alcyone we saw blacktips, Galapagos, silky sharks and yellowfin tuna hunting.

Punta Maria was lovely this expedition, with lots of hammerheads at the cleaning station. There were a few Galapagos sharks there, too. On afternoon dives at Pajara we saw lots of species like mantis shrimp, pargos and whitetip reef sharks. At Viking Rock we had gobies, lobsters and eels.

Dive Conditions
Visibility   65 ft / 20 m
Water Temp.   81°F / 27°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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