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© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo

© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
“This was my third time at Cocos Island. It is just the number one dive site in the world. The amount of hammerheads we saw is tiger sharks, Galapagos sharks, silkies, whalesharks, mantas, mobulas ... you name it, and we saw it. The boat and the crew is outstanding and I cannot thank you enough for this exceptional experience. Three words: everything was perfect.” -- Franz Sales, Sea Hunter guest
Now for the trip highlights:
Dirty Rock and Alcyone were the hotspots this week, for the sheer quantity of schooling hammerheads that we saw there! Dirty Rock especially was just exploding with sharks. Diving with these majestic creatures is absolutely incredible. The iconic image of the silhouettes of hundreds of hammerhead bodies above us is etched in our memories forever.

Another favorite dive site this expedition was Big Dos Amigos, where we saw a 30+-foot whale shark just after we passed through the immense arch! The conditions on the south side of the island were choppy with a lot of swell, but worth it for this experience alone. Plus, at Small Dos Amigos we had many close encounters with huge Galapagos sharks and schooling hammerheads!

We saw tiger sharks at Dirty Rock, Punta Maria and Alcyone. Manta rays came to visit with us at Pajara, and also Manuelita Channel. The formidable schools of thousands of jacks at Manuelita Outside, Dirty Rock and Alcyone were unforgettable. Pajara and Manuelita Coral Garden were fantastic for smaller animals, like moray eels and bright orange frogfish.

All in all, this was a spectacular trip, with hammerhead sightings on almost every dive!

Dive Conditions
Visibility   50 ft / 15 m
Water Temp.   78°F / 26°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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