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© copyright by Juan Manuel Camargo
Diving with a pod of orca whales at Cocos Island!

© copyright by Ghislaine Chevalier
Commerson's frogfish, Cocos Island, Costa Rica
© copyright by Jonathan R Green
Two flounders at Cocos Island, Costa Rica
© copyright by Jonathan R Green
Whitetip reef shark in a nook at Cocos Island, Costa Rica
"This was my 21st trip to Cocos & my first time with 7 orcas who swam 8 feet below me on our safety stop near dos amigos! Thank you Juan Manuel and the great crew of sea hunter. Excellent crew.”
– Jennifer Arnold, seasoned Cocos Island diver

It’s not very often for creatures other than sharks to steal the show at Cocos Island. This expedition, our adrenaline never stopped pumping and orca whales were at the forefront of our minds. All. Week. Long.

But let's start back at the beginning
We kicked off the expedition with a bang, with a giant Pacific manta ray sighting on our check out dive in Chatham Bay. At Alcyone the thermocline sat at about 90ft, and we saw Galapagos sharks, silkies, blacktips, hammerheads and octopuses mating. Dirty Rock was loaded with thousands of jacks as well as schooling hammerheads. At times, we navigated some pretty strong currents which only added to the sense of adventure.

Punta Maria gave us close encounters with Glaapagos sharks and schools of hammerheads. The cave at Dos Amigos Grande was awe-inspiring, also with many hammerheads as well as a pod of 5 mobula rays. Manuelita Outside showed us many hammerhead sharks out in the blue. For the macro-lovers among us, we found frogfish in Manuelita Coral Garden – this was also one of the best places to see tiger sharks and eagle rays.

However, the true highlights of the trip were the orca whales. Sharing the water with them was an indescribable experience that left us in complete awe of the ocean. We were privileged to dive with a family of about 7 orcas – not just once, but several times throughout the week. The pod was made up of about 4 adults and 3 curious juveniles. Time seemed to stop yet our hearts couldn’t stop racing.

This is why we fly to to Costa Rica, drive to Puntarenas, and take a boat 24-36 hours offshore. This is why we dive.

Dive Conditions
Visibility   50 ft / 15 m
Water Temp.   78°F / 26°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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