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© copyright by Philipp Knobel

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© copyright by Philipp Knobel
© copyright by Philipp Knobel
Dos Amigos Small was spectacular!! Big school of Hammerheads!!! Galapagos Sharks, Whaleshark at Dirty Rock, Tigersharks, Octopus, and a lot more... Absolutely fantastic experience!
Now for the trip highlights:
After a relatively wavy crossing, we arrived safely to Cocos Island, and were rewarded with tiger sharks and hammerheads on Day 1 at Manuelita.

There were so many tiger sharks all around Manuelita Island this trip – big ones, ranging from 3-5 meters in length and coming in for close passes. Manuelita Outside in particular was a popular place for tiger and Galapagos sharks as well as eagle rays – at one point we saw 3 massive tiger sharks on a single dive there. Manuelita Channel was home to massive tiger sharks and hammerheads; while the Coral Garden gave us encounters with frogfish and hammerheads along the sandy bottom.

In general, Dos Amigos Pequeno stole the show this week, thanks to its good viz and the fact that pretty much every time we dove there we saw something spectacular. This was where we had one of our two whale shark sightings (Dirty Rock was the other). Big Dos Amigos was also wonderful, with a green turtle relaxing in the cave for a photo op.

Dirty Rock’s cleaning station was on fire! We had lots of hammerheads and Galapagos sharks coming in to be cleaned, as well a close pass from a tiger shark and a couple of blacktips!! Not to mention the larger-than-life school of thousands upon thousands of jacks swirling about. (Plus a whale shark sighting!)

We experienced quite a bit of current at Alcyone, as well as Galapagos sharks and schooling hammerheads out in the blue at the safety stop.

© copyright by Philipp Knobel

Dive Conditions
Visibility   55 ft / 17 m
Water Temp.   79°F / 26°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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