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© copyright by Peter Allison

© copyright by Peter Allison
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© copyright by Peter Allison
© copyright by Peter Allison
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"Giovanny made sure every dive was epic! Walls of Hammerheads, schools of jacks, tiger sharks, mobula and manta rays were a common sight. He also put us in the best spots to get photos that were once in a lifetime shots. Couldn't think of a better spot to spend the holidays! He and the rest of the crew are the best I have experienced in the industry." -- Todd Shaw
Our first day at Manuelita, we saw hammerheads coming in close to the cleaning station at the sandy bottom, followed by a school of 10 eagle rays. Finally, at the safety stop we ran into an absolutely enormous school of bigeye jacks. What a great way to jump start the week!

The next day at Dirty Rock, we spent 30 minutes with nonstop hammerhead action at the cleaning station, with nonstop sharks coming in super close to our divers. Then in the blue we observed a gigantic school of over 200+ hammerheads swimming directly in our line of sight!

Day 3 at Dirty Rock was unbelievable. As soon as we descended we saw a massive school of hammerheads pass over us. Before we knew it, they were swimming in perfect syncronization right in front of us – we were literally swimming in the middle of a school of an inestimable quantity of hammerheads! It was one of the best dives ever.

At Punta Maria we had marble rays, Galapagos sharks and schools of 50+ hammerheads in the blue. Afternoon dives at Pajara we saw fish, lobsters, octopuses, rays, etc.

Small Dos Amigos was another favorite dive site, replete with Galapagos sharks, hammerheads and even a tiger that passed just feet in front of our eyes. We spent 45 spectacular minutes in one place at the cleaning station, watching the show – the sharks simply didn’t stop streaming in! Then as icing on the cake, a school of 50+ hammers in the blue.

Dos Amigos Grande was lovely, and as we passed through the arch a giant manta ray came by. Then at the safety stop in the blue we saw a mobula ray.

Dirty Rock truly was the star dive site all week long. At one point we found ourselves in front of a school of 80-ish hammerheads at the cleaning station, posing for photos. Then in the blue we swam amid an even bigger school of 200+ sharks!! They let us float among them, again as if we were a part of the school.

At Submerged Rock we had stellar visibility and 2 green turtles, an octopus and 4 eagle rays in the arch – plus a silvertip and lots of colorful fish!

At Alcyone we went looking for hammerheads, and after we found them we were delighted to encounter two gorgeous giant manta rays, as well as lots of marble rays eating alongside other reef fish.

Dive Conditions
Visibility   90 ft / 27 m
Water Temp.   78°F / 26°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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