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© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group

© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
The Sea Hunter is back from our most recent Silver Bank expedition with Conscious Breath Adventures!

Straight from the log of Captain Gene himself:
We’ve returned from another unique week out on the Silver Bank and we can’t wait to share our latest adventures with you. Not only did we have some incredible whale interactions, but we had our widest age-range of all time, from seven years old to seventy-three! As you can guess, they were the true life of the party braving every weather event to experience the magic of the whales.

And boy, did we have some weather to brave. After a glassy start to the season last week, for this trip the weather gods imposed themselves upon us. We started the trip in beautiful sunshine, with a beautiful forecast predicted for us to enjoy. But, alas, predictions are not always accurate. After a lovely Sunday of breaches and a short swim with a shy mother and calf, we awoke Monday morning to wind and rain from all kinds of directions. And we all know what that means: two whaleboats full of people ready for a true adventure!

We suited and booted and took to the high seas, eyes at the ready to spot some whales - and definitely some splashy ‘reef whales’ here and there. If you don’t know what a ‘reef whale’ is, that is because we invented the term! It’s when you see a big splash of water and you think it’s a big happy humpback whale ready for a swim, but in fact it’s just a wave crashing over a shallow coral reef. The reef whales were plentiful but, luckily, so were the real whales.

Our favourite moment of the day was spent with a very lovely mum and baby. The calf, who was probably no more than two months old, was full of curiosity, and swept closely past us on more than a few occasions. We managed to get both our groups in the water for a look and at one point the little one even came within a few meters of us! Of course, we could never ever swim so close to a whale, especially with a protective mother a couple of feet away, but when the whale chooses to swim that close to us, well, we’ll always be ready to enjoy it when it happens!

But no matter, we loved every second of that rain. We managed to jump in with a singer in the afternoon which was the highlight of the day for just about everybody, experiencing the reverberations of one of nature’s most enigmatic sounds as it echoed through the ocean. This guy was really booming and it was a truly beautiful encounter. By our count, he was staying underwater for 23 minutes at a time just to sing to us...

Thursday was our last day, and the weather was improving…The whales were happy to perform some of their best circus moves on the surface for us to watch from the boat, including all the classics, from double pec slaps to full breaches. It was a delightful end to the trip, and after a pleasant cruise home we’re already ready for round three. I feel like we are just getting warmed up!

Until next week we wish you whale,

Capt. Gene, Jeff & Cat

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