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© copyright by Captain Gene

© copyright by Captain Gene
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© copyright by Captain Gene
© copyright by Capt. Gene
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The ninth week of our 2022 Silver Bank humpback whale season is now complete.
Check out the cruise report straight from the log of Capt. Gene:
We’ve made it back to shore with a bundle of magical memories and new friends from two species (Megaptera novaeangliae and Homo sapiens). It was an incredible week, starting with one of our most beautiful weather days and one of the most incredible encounters so far.

Picture this: you’re floating out in the big blue with high spirits, searching high and low for blows, dorsal fins, flukes or breaches. Out of nowhere, you see two blows in the distance. You start to head towards them before, all of a sudden, a different blow spouts up on your left. You decide to stick with your original pair and keep tracking forwards - and then another two spouts, this time on your right! That was our boat, seemingly surrounded by whales in every direction. Not being able to decide which whales to watch is a great problem to have, and in the end it turns out we made the right decision. Two of the distant blows originated from a mum and calf resting at the surface, which is always a sight that gets our heart rates up.

As we got closer, it became clear that these two whales were very relaxed,just a mother and her sweet, sleepy baby logging at the surface. ..What made this interaction so special was that the pair almost never left the surface, just floating like logs as they slept soundly. They were just floating right there, just in front of us the whole time and it was amazing. The water and skies were clear, the light beautiful, and the setting was idyllic. We were close enough to see the barnacles on mom’s tail and see that she had her eyes closed tight simply the entire time. At a loss for words, one of our guests said it best: “Wow…”

Tired and full of love for the whales, we decided to leave the whales resting and head back to Sea Hunter for lunch, nearly two hours late. We have plenty of great experiences in the water with the whales but swims like this are in a category of their own and we all left the water absolutely elated, smiles almost as big as the whales themselves, ready for the rest of the week…

Our highlights after that included several beautiful topside shows of every behaviour you could imagine, including an adult that breached within just a few boat lengths and a calf tail lobbing so close to the boat that we were almost getting splashed. It is late in the season now, the calves are bigger and stronger and getting ready to migrate, they are literally jumping with energy. We hope they save some for the trip, they will need it.

We also had plenty more underwater interactions, including with a singer. Of course, it was Gene who found the singer - his not-so-hidden talent in life may well be sensing singers from miles away. Almost every week this season he has found a whale in the depths of the ocean to perform for us. I don’t know how he does it, but I know that we are all delighted every time that he does. The singing males are super cool because you can’t always see them if they’re resting deep, so you can completely immerse yourself in the sound, not only hearing it but also feeling it in your bones. When you close your eyes you can’t tell where the sound is coming from, it's like it is originating from inside your head.

In the meantime there are two more weeks to go and we can't wait to see what happens next. We will tell you next weekend!

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