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© copyright by Avi Klapfer
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We’re just back from another spectacular trip to Cocos Island! Dirty Rock was fantastic, and we had the opportunity to observe large schools of 100+ hammers out in the blue. At the cleaning station we saw blacktip and Galapagos sharks. At the end of the dive, a pod of about 20 dolphins came to play with the divers and pose for photos – the absolute best way to spend the safety stop!
Now for the trip highlights:
We departed from Puntarenas aboard the Argo with divers from several different countries including Portugal, England and the USA. The first half of the crossing was extremely calm, but the second half was quite strong and choppy with a lot of wind and swell. They don’t call going to Cocos Island an adventure for nothing!

Right from Day 1 we managed to see quite a few hammerheads in Manuelita Coral Garden, both in the sand and floating out in the blue. We also saw a majestic sea turtle, which we observed foraging among the rocks. In Chatham Bay we came across a marble ray with a very recent wound – apparently from a big tiger shark (because of the shape and size of the bite).

Small Dos Amigos competed for the title of favorite dive site this trip, thanks to an incredible whale shark sighting there. It kept passing and passing by…at least 6 times we saw it come through the cleaning station to be cleansed of remoras and other parasites. There were also many Galapagos and hammerhead sharks coming into the cleaning station for the same reason.

At Alcyone we saw schools of at least 50+ hammerheads out in the blue, plus tuna and blacktips around the rock. A huge manta ray made several close passes on Day 3 at Submerged Rock, plus another dolphin at the safety stop. We were able to appreciate Cocos’ macro life on our afternoon dives – at Pajara, for example, we saw a huge seahorse.

Punta Maria showed us hammerheads floating above the cleaning station, and a green turtle swimming by – along with some whitetips hunting along the thermocline. On one of our favorite dives there, a school of about 10 marble rays swam right along with us, weaving in and out of our group of divers!

At Manuelita Channel we saw schools of 80+ hammers crossing the channel, plus marble rays and eagle rays. Manuelita Coral Garden had some cold water, scattered hammerheads, a box crab and some eagle rays. Manuelita Outside gave us encounters with a beautiful manta on at least two occasions, as well as tiger sharks.

Cocos sent us home with the perfect farewell on our last morning at the island, with many hammerheads on our final dive to Small Dos Amigos – they were all over the place, all on all sides of the cleaning station and also out in the blue.

Dive Conditions
Visibility   76 ft / 23 m
Water Temp.   75°F / 24°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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