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© copyright by Jonathan Wasserman

© copyright by Jonathan Wasserman
© copyright by Jonathan Wasserman
© copyright by Jonathan Wasserman
© copyright by Jonathan Wasserman
"We came to see Hammerheads & WOW we saw them them on every dive along with Tigers , Galapagos , Silkies , and a black tip or two sprinkled in . Our Favorite dives, Alycione, Dirty Rock & Manuelita outside. The crew were awesome and had a wonderful surprise celebration for us .. We couldnt be more grateful and blessed to have been on such a great boat with an awesome crew and a wonderful group of divers!" -- Suzie & Bob Oliver
Now for the trip highlights:
Dirty Rock was the best this week!! We saw so many hammerheads both at the cleaning station and out in the blue, plus dolphins at the surface and also a manta ray. Later in the week we were able to watch dolphins hunting.

Alcyone put on an amazing show of huge schools of hammerheads out in the blue at the safety stop, plus Galapagos sharks. We saw tigers in Manuelita Channel and Outside. We had an excellent dive at Small Dos Amigos, with many hammerheads and Galapagos sharks at the cleaning station as well as four silky sharks at the safety stop.

At Punta Maria we encountered a massive 4-meter tiger shark that came in super close to us. The pinnacle was just full of whitetip reef sharks. Submerged Rock was just beautiful, with tunas hunting and dolphins. The swimthrough was full of blue-and-gold snappers.

Afternoon dives at Pajara were lovely, and we got to experience some of Cocos Island’s renowned macro life – including sea horses and scorpionfish. Toward the end of the week, we were able to visit Chatham Bay and take a look at the ancient rock carving there.

This was one of our guests' 25th expedition aboard the Sea Hunter -- and we got to see Cocos Island magic at its finest! Happy 25th trip, JD Duff!

Dive Conditions
Visibility   45 ft / 14 m
Water Temp.   78°F / 26°C
to Cocos Island  
to Puntarenas  

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