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In Malpelo very nice conditions and great action at Virginia's Altar, The Freezer and as always at The Fridge with the incredible mix of the big groups of silkies mixing with the schooling hammerheads.
In Cocos THE PERFECT BAIT BALL!! Outside Manuelita the action lasted almost all day long with silkies, blacktips, galapagos sharks, silvertips, yellowfin tunas and hundreds of frigates and boobies diving from the sky.
Dive Conditions
Malpelo: Very good visibility (average of 70 feet) from the surface to 60 feet and a little bit less (average 40 feet) under this depth, with a temperature of 80 F on the surface and 70 F under the thermocline. Some dives with strong currents and big surge just the last two days. Cocos: Visibility between 60 and 90 feet and water temperature of 82 F, good surge on the south part of the island.
Weather Conditions
Splendid sun for the first three days at Malpelo, then cloudy with some rain at Cocos and sunny again the last two days.
Puntarenas-Malpelo: A little surgy with dolphins upon approach to Malpelo. Malpelo-Cocos: A little surgy the whole way. Cocos-Puntarenas: Nice and calm.

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