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Another Fantastic Week of DeepSee Dives!
The DeepSee executed nine dives this trip (8 to 300m and 1 to 100m), each one unique. Mobula rays are back big time throughout the water column, from 131-787ft/40-240m!!!! In one dive we saw up to seven mobulas! There were also dozens of giant groupers circling the DeepSee's dome. The groupers appeared completely comfortable and even a little curious. This weeks highlights and surprise encounters included seeing a thresher shark at 60m in the blue, a pod of dolphins escorting us from 490-650ft/150-200m, and goose fishes from 575-700ft/175-215m.

All-in-all conditions were calm from surface to 985ft/300m, with great visibility and mild currents. When descending to the depths on one dive we saw a beautiful thermocline comprised of brown algae clouds in a white greenish space!!!!

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