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© copyright by Shmulik Bloom

What a fantastic trip!!! Definitely one for the books!!!!
We just returned from a special expedition using IMAX cameras on board the DeepSee submersible. With a superstar big-format filmmaking group joining us on-board. Guests included; IMAX filmmakers Greg MacGillivray, Howard and Michele Hall, D.J. Roller and marine scientist Richard Pyle. The crews of DeepSee and Argo supported the production team by working hand in hand, day and night, to execute submarine dives. The trip required a lot of technical diving support, so teamwork and experience played a vital role! We used trimix re-breathers in-front of IMAX and RED 3D cameras.

The DeepSee performed to perfection! On an unforgettable dive to the sea mount Everest, we utilized the DeepSee in a special capacity. Aside from carrying a pilot and passengers inside, we shuttled trimix re-breather divers Richard Pyle, Howard Hall and Shmulik Blum to 70m/230ft. Howard used his RED camera in a housing to capture beautiful sequences of the sub with the divers. Howard was able to utilize the sub's lights to highlight the amazing colors of corals and sponges that completely cover the rock.

Tons of action at Cocos, in 13 dives we encountered dolphins, numerous schools of jacks, popeye catalufa, and mobula ray (between the surface to 240m/787ft). We also had an exciting encounter with a hammerhead at 123m/400ft. The hammerhead passed directly in-front of the DeepSee, wiggling his head and moving very quickly, for a couple of minutes.
© copyright by Shmulik Bloom
© copyright by Shmulik Bloom

DeepSee 3D Filming
Richard Pyle diving with a rebreather, and using the DeepSee sub as a shuttle.

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