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© copyright by Jose Castro

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© copyright by Jose Castro
© copyright by Jose Castro
© copyright by Jose Castro
Greetings fellow ocean enthusiasts,

Boy, how we missed diving at Cocos Island!

Both the Argo and the DeepSee were under routine maintenance for a whole month, and during that time we waited eagerly to return to the island and visit the depths that lie beyond the light of the surface.

It was a great week of great diving with fantastic people. The water was flat and smooth the entire crossing, and once we got to the island we were pleased to find stellar visibility as well.

On the way down on some of our dives, we were accompanied by a group of dolphins that sent us on our way with a smile. The water column from surface to the bottom of 200m/660ft was full of gelatinous critters, and halfway down we encountered a couple of hammerheads.

From 200m/660ft to 300m/1000ft, we saw various jellonose fishes distributed along the wall. Given the fact that in dry season skies are mostly clear, it was super impressive to see the halo of light when looking up even at the total darkness of 300m/1000ft depth.

As we came back to the platform on top of the ledge, at the vast area of rock formations from 190m/630ft to 150m/500ft, we knew that unusual light coming from the surface would work in our favor: there were thousands of fish all around!!! Threadfin Bass, big groupers, scorpionfishes, frogfishes and an unusual amount of moray eels everywhere in cavities of the rocks. One unidentified moray was caught in our camera latching on a bass to swallow it whole – that was super exciting to see.

All this action and we're only beginning 2018 – we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring. On our next trip we’ll get to return to “Las Gemelas” (the Twins) 40 miles outside of Coco’s on a special expedition. Then in April we’ll be going to Malpelo, Colombia on a special project with National Geographic.

If you are on the way to Cocos Island this year, contact your agent or our office
to make sure you don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to reserve yourself a seat on the DeepSee submersible.

“DeepSee” ya’ all on board.

The Pilots.

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