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© copyright by DeepSee

© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
We’re pleased to report of another successful DeepSee trip to Cocos Island!

We accommodated 18 passengers this trip, coming both from the Argo and Sea Hunter, all partaking in our 300m/100ft dive to “The Wall.”

On the way down, we found the thermocline (starting at 50m/165ft) packed with gelatinous creatures — these were probably the main reason for numerous exciting encounters with mobula rays, all the way down to 220m/730ft. Some came in pairs, and some kept us gasping as it suddenly approached us by surprise from behind one of the rocks for a seriously close encounter!

The Wall, from 200m/670ft to 300m/1000ft, held some very interesting activity:
jellynose fish were gathering in some cavities and angles on the wall. Some we saw hunting for shrimp on the sandy patches at 300m/1000ft.

Big groupers also followed us throughout our exploration on the wall, hoping to use our lights to help them hunt on some Anthias fish (some were successful).
Gelatinous critters glowed in florescent light as we passed them by and at 300m/1000ft we could still see the mobula rays gliding on top of the edge of the wall, some 80m/265ft above our heads!

The vast area of rock formations at 190m/630 to 150m/500ft was a constant rush of activity: frogfishes, crabs, scorpion fishes, groupers, nudibranchs and brotulas were all waiting for us to return.
Some shallow water species came to visit us there as we parked on the sand in front of the rocks: hammerhead shark, silky sharks and yellowfin tunas were super curious to see us and the sub — we are alien creatures to that environment.

We love when our trips to Cocos are like this: enthusiastic passengers, breathtaking encounters and new and exciting experiences.

See you all soon,

The pilots.

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