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© copyright by DeepSee
Hi everyone!

We just came back from another fantastic trip to Cocos Island, with great dives and great company!

The DeepSee had accommodated 18 new deep sea explorers and even some passengers who have dived with us before and wanted to explore Cocos’ depths once again (one passenger had even completed his 5th dive with us!!!).

We had really amazing dives at both of our main dive areas:

On our “shallow” dive to 90m/300ft we saw wonderful pelagic activity. Galapagos sharks scanned the summit of the seamount known as Everest, and meanwhile schools of hammerheads were passing back and forth. Looking for some more activity, we left Everest towards Manuelita Island, where it all became dark around the submarine, as if someone just turned out the lights. It was a huge “tornado” of bigeye jacks schooling all around us for quite a long time. We just didn’t want it to end.

On our deep dives to 300m/1000ft, we saw great activity descending a water column that was full with plankton, larva and other colonies of organisms. This brought of course excellent encounters with hungry mobula rays -- at some points we saw 3 of them at once gliding around us in curiosity.

One of the most interesting encounters was with a giant manta ray that found us at 200m/660ft, our first encounter with this specie at this depth!!!

Hammerheads, silky sharks, yellow fin tunas and dolphins also came for a glimpse of the unusual sight of three humans in a submarine. Going down the wall, at 240m/800ft, one of the hammerheads really surprised us when all of the sudden it was swimming super-fast back and forth between us and the wall.

We continued to have great deep water creatures sighting with beautiful jellynose fish, spider crabs, “loads” of anthias and even found an octopus hunting for shrimps at 300m/1000ft.

Then at 150m-180m/500ft-600ft, we had more exciting findings. Huge groupers were swimming inches away from the acrylic dome, almost like standing still for some time just observing us, and the passengers could swear they could almost touch them, given the fact that acrylic dome goes totally transparent underwater. frogfishes, brotulas, scorpionfishes and huge king crabs were also awaiting for us there.

We hope to finish 2018 with a blast on our next trip, and from the look of it that’s exactly what is going to happen. We are really looking forward to meeting you, future DeepSee explorers. A DeepSee dive could be definitely a great Christmas present for you and your loved ones!

See you soon…

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