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Hello to all the adventurous people of the world!

We are just back from another incredible trip at Cocos island. Each day this week we were able to introduce new people to the mysteries of the bottom of the ocean! With every immersion we saw beautiful and amazing creatures, from small delicate Anthias to a big majestic giant manta at a depth of 150m!

At a rock formation at a depth of 165m, we witnessed a meeting between old friends: a moray eel, frog fish and a decorated crab that carried a black coral on his back. The subject of the meeting was whether or not they should accept a new nudibranch into the neighborhood.

We voted to accept the nudi, because it was very beautiful. We hope the other animals agreed with us so we will be able to see her next time we come for a visit.

Maybe they will finally allow the magnificent mobula ray to stick around near the rock, as she kept showing up this week.

The deep ocean is a wonderful underwater world that we are not familiar enough with yet; come and join us in the deep to study animals that live their lives under great pressure and the darkness –- an alien world when compared to the upper world close to the surface.

Yours truly,

The Pilots

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