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© copyright by Shmulik Blum
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Hi everybody!

It is always inspiring to dive with excited new members of our team of deep-sea explorers! For our submarine pilots, this is one element of the job that simply never gets old.

This week the DeepSee hosted passengers from both the Argo and the Sea Hunter, taking them to experience something they will never forget (check out our passengers’ testimonials on the DeepSee section on the website). We also completed immersions with Professor Odalisca Breedy from the University of Costa Rica on 3 dives – where she collected samples with our robotic arm, including two nudibranch specimens that we’re hoping are species new to science.

On our “shallow” dives to Everest down to 90m/300ft we encountered marlins and big schools of hammerheads. Dives to the Wall at 300m/1000ft were spectacular! We sighted a habitat with more than 20 jellynose fish – some of them were more than a 1m/3.3ft long, a rare sight! In that same area, a mobula ray just popped up out of nowhere and we could see it “asking” a couple of huge groupers to clean it off the remoras stuck to it — this was a very exciting moment for sure for our passengers and pilot alike.

The big rock formation between 150m/500ft to 190m/630ft right on top of the wall had a lot of action in store for us. Frogfishes and groupers hunted threadfin bass, while brotulas swam in front of the DeepSee submarine’s bubble as dancing together. Meanwhile, groupers squeezed their noses against the sub’s transparent dome, so close we could swear we could touch them.

We’re looking forward for our next trips to Cocos Island, which will surely bring us more remarkable encounters with the life of the deep waters of the island. We would love to share these experiences with all you future island visitors soon! Spaces are limited, so don’t forget to contact our reservations team to claim your spot on the sub at info@underseahunter.com.

See you there,

The pilots.

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