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© copyright by Shmulik Blum
Hello everyone!

We’re just back from Cocos, recounting memories from another week of breathtaking encounters and experiences from the deep! It seems like each voyage exceeds the next in terms of rich wildlife discoveries.

This time around we took 17 guests (a couple even loved it so much they went for a second dive!) from the Sea Hunter and Argo. Everyone came with such enthusiasm, that we emitted just the right vibes to bring us all the abundance of the sea: a school of 300 hammerheads, a manta ray, mobula rays, silky sharks, a marlin, a thresher shark, groupers, frogfishes and many more! There was so much to look at that it felt as if our eyes and cameras were constantly trying to stretch into all directions.

The surface was mostly calm while towing the DeepSee to our dive sites, and we were often accompanied by dolphins. In general, a lot of light was penetrating even the deep waters, giving us the chance to see the pelagic creatures from a far and to get our cameras ready.

We never stop feeling fortunate for these opportunities to explore Cocos Island's water column from the surface to 300m. Every inch of it is full of life! We look forward to having you on board!

See you soon,

The Pilots

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