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© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
Hi Everyone!

This trip we spent most of our time focusing on training our new pilot, Yuval, who we are very excited to welcome to the DeepSee team! The rest of our time we spent exploring the deep waters of Cocos with 10 passengers from the Argo & Sea Hunter that pre-booked their dives prior to trip (make sure you do the same and guarantee your seat on the DeepSee!).

Normally, visibility out at open sea (where we tow the sub for her deep dives) is crystal clear once we pass the thermocline — and this time it was even more amazingly clear than usual! Light penetrated even to 250m/825ft and brought with it fascinating behaviors from what we see from the species at those depths. Groupers swam down in packs from the ledge of the wall, following us around trying (most of the time succeeding) to hunt on anthias fish hiding in the cracks of the wall. Octopuses were doing the same, as well as yellowfin tuna all the way down to 200m/660ft — this was like a sign to wish us good luck as we made the descent on the way down to 300m/1000ft.

The rocks at 150m/500ft-190m/630ft were full with activity, as usual, with loads scorpionfish, frogfishes, groupers, crabs, morays, brotulas, nudibranchs and more.

Along the water column we were visited by all kind of pelagic species, from gelatinous critters to thresher shark and mobula rays.
Looking back on the last few months, this is really one of the best years we’ve had at Cocos island and we are looking forward to it getting better and better!

See you all soon,

The Pilots

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