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© copyright by Silvano Galleti

© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
Hi everyone!

We’re just back from another great trip exploring the deep waters of Cocos Island. We know it was an amazing trip, when even just writing about it in the pilot’s report already brings a smile to our faces! ;)

This week the DeepSee hosted 16 passengers from both the Argo and Sea Hunter for marvelous dives to 300m/1000ft. During these immersions, from the moment we dropped into the water column from the surface to about 200m/660ft, we realized we had some outstanding encounters with a large variety of marine life in store.

The water column was full of gelatinous critters, inviting plankton feeders to wonder the blue. We had close encounters with mobula rays (see video), a thresher shark, dolphins, silky sharks and yellowfin tunas.

Reaching the wall from 200m/660ft down to 300m/1000ft, loads of jellynose fish were covering the wall, where at one spot we saw more the 15 specimens in their natural habitat (a rare find to see so many in one place). Groupers were swimming up and down around the sub, trying to use our lights to hunt.

On one of our dives, at 300m/1000ft we had a first: a big 1.5m/5ft long yellowfin tuna (See photo taken by the passenger Silvano Galleti) started swimming all around in front of the cabin until at one point just set itself under our lights and didn’t move for 10 minutes before it swam away again. AMAZING!!!

Crabs, scorpionfishes, moray and conger eels, beautiful corals and sponges completed the panorama on the wall. On top of the wall, on huge rocks on the platform between 150m/500ft to 190m/630ft, we were visited by frogfishes, king crabs, moray eels, brotulas, nudibranchs, scorpionfishes and big groupers.

We love trips like these, with enthusiastic passengers who have endless curiosity to explore the ocean and its deep waters as much as we do.

See you all soon

The pilots.

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