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© copyright by DeepSee
Hello everyone,

Before giving you a quick report of our great last trip to Cocos, we would first like to congratulate our new pilot, Yuval, who has completed his training and began piloting successful dives on his own this last trip!

On this expedition, the DeepSee added 14 dives to her dive log — producing faces full of awe to passengers from the Argo, Sea Hunter and Okeanos II (Aggressor fleet).

Dives to Everest, a huge rock formation that lies at 300ft/90m, brought us to several hammerhead schools passing by as we observed the rich reef life of this pristine habitat. A couple of Galapagos and silky sharks also came swinging by with curiosity.

Most of our dives were made to 300m/1000ft at the dive site known as The Wall. On the descents/ascents we had some close encounters with several pelagic creatures like mobula rays, hammerheads, silky sharks and yellowfin tunas. Some of these pelagic creatures we even met at 150m/500ft-200m/660ft.

The Wall, where its drop-off starts at 220m/730ft, was full of groupers that followed us all around. Jellynose fish, crabs, anthias and scorpionfish were also covering the area. On the way back from The Wall, coming back to the rocks on the platform from 190m/630ft to 150m/500ft, we encountered loads of frogfish, huge groupers, king & decorated crabs, moray eels, brotulas and nudibranchs.

Surface conditions are great this time of the year, and the tow back from the dive to the view of the island in the sunset accompanied with red and purple clouds was spectacular.

There are only three trips left for 2019 for the DeepSee at Cocos Island, and we look forward to the year’s “grand finale” from the deep water filled with even more breath-taking experiences.


The Pilots!

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