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© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
Hello everyone!

It’s difficult to find the words to describe our last trip, as we had some absolutely unforgettable dives with a great group of people!

At the beginning of the week we went to dive at the site called the “Everest” seamount (100m/300ft), where we encountered a lot of jacks, snappers, groupers and many more fish that surrounded the sub. As we got close to the top of the seamount, we also encountered with a big school of hammerheads passing by, finding their way back home to Cocos island.

Later on this week we went for a few deep dives (to 300m/1000ft)- where anything can happen! As we went down, the ambient light dimmed into a dark shade of blue. Thanks to the lights of the sub we can really see what’s going at that depth — jellynose fish, conger eels, nudibranch, king crabs, scorpionfish and brotulas are just very few of the species that we saw in the deep waters of Cocos Island.

We also encountered a beautiful mobula ray that followed us on the ascent from 200m to 50m. The mobula was really curious to see what is the big floating bubble with three wired looking creatures inside.

It is always exciting to go deep, such an unexplored area, never know what to expect!

Thanks to our guests who came with us to these great adventures.

Until the next one!

The pilots.

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