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Dear adventurous souls of the world, what a great trip we just had!

This trip we had in the open water countless tunicates floating and drifting all around, hundreds of them!

The more scientific name for it is Pyrosoma. Pyrosoma is a genus of colonial, pelagic (open-ocean) tunicates. Colony size ranges from less than a centimeter to several meters in length. Each colony forms a transparent tube, closed at one end and open at the other, that is composed of hundreds or even thousands of outward-facing individuals (or zooids). These tiny zooids, each just millimeters long, are joined together by a gelatinous tunic. Water is drawn into each zooid through an oral siphon by beating cilia, creating a feeding current. Plankton are filtered out of the water and the depleted water is then expelled into the interior of the colony and out the posterior opening. This flow of water not only facilitates food acquisition, but also allows the colony to move by graceful jet propulsion, although Pyrosoma are mainly planktonic (passively free-floating).
(Description was taken from this link eol.org/pages/10779/details)

Descending into this colony was magical already — the perfect start for a dive.
We continued to explore another path along the Wall, there we encountered with scorpionfishes, jellonose fish, anthiases, big groupers and more, all are living in the very harsh condition of the deep ocean.

We also had one “shallow” dive (100m/300ft) to the Everest sea mount. This dive was astonishing! We saw a school of hammerheads and few Galapagos sharks swimming around the formation, and the whole seamount was full of life. A few moments before we ascended back to the surface we also encountered by a huge school of mullet snapper that were surrounding the sub.

We feel blessed to have seen all this while sitting in the comfort of our yellow submarine with all the great people we get to meet and have those experiences with. Thank you for these opportunities — we wouldn’t be here without you guys, our guests on the Argo.

Until the next adventure!

The pilots.

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