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© copyright by Becky Shott

© copyright by Becky Schott
© copyright by Becky Schott
Hello everyone!!!

It was so great to back diving in Cocos island with the DeepSee submarine after an absence of almost 2 months due to our maintenance period.

The temperature along the entire water column had risen only by about 1°C, and yet it was enough to surprise us with some species we don’t normally see. From the surface until the end of the thermocline (at 90m/300ft), the body of water was full of little jellyfish which brought us close encounters with mobula rays — one of them swam all the down to 250m/830ft for a quick glimpse at us.

Next to the ledge of the wall (at 200m/660ft), there were loads of cutlassfish/sablefish coming in from deeper water. This made the groupers “go crazy” and “fly” around the sub at jet speed, trying to hunt on these visitors. One of the groupers was sticking to the acrylic dome as if trying to get inside the cabin as we reached 250m/830ft. Jellynose fish were also seen in greater abundance along the wall than usual.

On the rocks at 150m/500ft-190m/630ft, we noticed quite a few decorated crabs with black coral on their heads, which is not a common sighting for us. Female king crabs covered the rocks, as well as frogfish, scorpionfish, moray eels and brotulas.

Most importantly, we had such a great time with our passengers — watching their faces filled with awe is really what is worth the most to us. Make sure you save yourself a seat on your next trip to Cocos Island, where you can become one of few members of the elite DeepSee explorer team!

See ya’ all soon...

The Pilots

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