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© copyright by DeepSee

© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
Hello to all you adventurous souls out there! We’re just back from another expedition to Cocos Island, and we’re happy to report that the trip was awesome!

We had some beautiful dives on our yellow submarine, including encounters with schooling hammerheads and a massive school of bigeye jacks. Almost every immersion included the company of a mobula ray or two. Other highlights included frogfish, moray eels, king crabs, jelly nose fish and big groupers. It was just magical.

On one of our favorite afternoon dives we encountered a big gathering of spider crabs feasting together, eating a tunicate.

We’re writing this on our way back to the mainland, happy and satisfied, reliving our Cocos Island adventures in our memories. It’s just the most amazing, beautiful place on our planet!

Thank you all for joining us on this trip, and we hope to see you again!

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