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© copyright by DeepSee
Hello there to all the adventurous people of the world!

This trip we had lots of great people both from the Argo and the Sea Hunter joining us on our journeys to the depths of the ocean.

We encountered some very special creatures this trip!

On one of our deep dives we saw on a rock formation a small but very beautiful nudibranch that looked like it had warm flames on its back! It was amazing! Sometimes the small creatures can be the most fascinating, with their small and gentle details.

Right next to this nudibranch there was a camouflaged stone-color frogfish that really looked like a part of the rock! Lets see if you can spot it :)

On another dive we saw a very unique fish – a SEA ROBIN that was about 10cm (4 inches) long and super cool! We also encountered king crabs, jellynose fish, octopuses, hammerheads and even a thresher shark.

Thank you all for exploring with us. We really hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again. And for those of you planning to come in the future, we are looking forward to meeting you!

The pilots.

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