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© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Hello DeepSee enthusiasts!

What an amazing trip! The submarine was working non-stop the week at Cocos, taking a total of 28 passengers from the Argo and Sea Hunter, including a film crew from National Geographic channel. Sea conditions were tough at times with strong winds and “buckets” of rain but we refused to miss out on a dive and we didn’t.

On our deep dives there was not even a second without exciting marine life activity. Even on the surface we were followed by dolphins most of our dives and one time by a pod of beaked whales!!! Mind blowing!!!

Underwater we sighted numerous Mobula rays coming so close to the sub’s window we swore we could touch them. Groupers, jellynose fish, crabs, scorpionfish, frogfish and moray eels. We even bumped into a tiger shark in mid-water at 80m/265ft. At the bottom, at 200m/660ft, our jaws just dropped.

On the film crew’s agenda was finding hammerheads schooling on top and in front of the submarine. The DeepSee delivered, like always! When we dove Everest, at 85m we found ourselves surrounded by hammerheads everywhere -- and as we were on our way up to the surface, we were fortunate to be on the path of scared tunas with blacktip, silky and Galapagos sharks hunting them.

It was an action-packed week and we can’t wait for our next expedition!

See you soon, the pilots.

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