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© copyright by DeepSee

© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
Wow!! What a trip!!! The marine life activity in the deep waters of Cocos was super hectic. There wasn’t a moment we weren’t mind-blown inside DeepSee’s cabin during this week of diving.

We accomplished 13 dives with 25 passengers from the Argo, SeaHunter and Okeanos II. One of our dives was with Beatriz Naranjo, a marine biologist from the University of Costa Rica, who is trying to find new species to add to the many the DeepSee has already discovered during its 15 years of diving at Cocos.

Throughout all of our dives, we were escorted by squadrons of 5, 6 and one time even 8 mobula rays (also known as devil rays). They followed us all the way from the surface down to 280m/930ft!!! Big groupers and aggregations of jellynose fish and spider crabs patrolled The Wall. Frogfish, scorpionfish, king crabs, brotulas, moray eels and octopuses were also in abundance!

2021 just gets better and better on every trip, and we can’t wait to come back next week!

See ya’all there ;)

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