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Wow! The mobula rays were super active across the drop-off at 220m/730ft. All the way down on the wall at 300m/1000ft the biodiversity was still at its peak: a group of 2-12 specimens all gliding in formation and coming to greet the submarine. They stayed with us non-stop during our dives and we couldn’t get enough of it!

We had a fantastic expedition to Cocos Island with the DeepSee sub, hosting 20 passengers both from the Argo & the Sea Hunter. We had an amazing 10 dives full of jellynose fish, mobula rays, scorpionfish, frogfish, groupers, crabs, moray eels and brotulas.

Conditions were wonderful: the surface was calm, the water column was full of gelatinous creatures and light was penetrating all the way down to 250m/800ft (even on the rainy afternoons).

The deep sea marine life activity definitely kept us all in awe, passengers and pilots alike, and we hope our next trip will top even this.

See you soon,

The pilots.

© copyright by DeepSee

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