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© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group

© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
We’re just back from a SUPER busy expedition to Cocos Island! What an incredible trip with all kinds of special activities. THIS is what keeps us pilots wanting for more and more of doing what we love the most, which is submarine diving at Cocos Island!

The week started out with a rare opportunity, where one of our clients wanted to become certified as a pilot. Over the course of 4 days he accomplished 12 dives. He passed every single dive with flying colors as he had advanced half way to his certification.

After we finished with the training, we had the honor to host Professor Jorge Cortes and Odalisca Breedy from the University of Costa Rica, for several exploration and sample collecting dives. On 2 dives we also hosted Prof. Peter Auster, who has been working on us on continued projects over the years.

We also took down eight passengers from the Argo and Sea Hunter, which brought us to 18 dives all together on this trip.

We had sightings of big groupers, curious Galapagos sharks, mobula rays, jellynosefish, crabs, octopi, scorpionfish, moray eels and frogfishes.

Only 2 expeditions remain until the end of the year. 2021 was and still is amazing and full with astonishing experiences – we just don’t want this year to be over! Make sure you grab the few last seats remaining on the DeepSee for your once in a lifetime experience.

See you soon,

The pilots.

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