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© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Hello there to all the world’s adventures people!

This expedition we had some fantastic people joining us in our journeys to the depth of the ocean.
With good energy come good sights to seel! We had amazing dives throughout the whole trip!

On one of our dives, we had a tiger shark at 170 meters! It came from the shallow waters directly to the DeepSee, and almost bumped into us.

We also enjoyed some graceful mobula rays hovering above us and covered the sub with its body.

On a big rock formation at 165 meters we saw lots of crabs, eels, scorpionfish and frogfish. The rock was extremely alive! One of the crabs there was a decorated crab – usually it grabs something to camouflage itself, and this time he found a dead leaf that made it look like the leaf has legs!

We also saw an amazingly beautiful nudibranch at 165 meters deep, in dark blue waters. A nudibranch that had FLAMES on its back! Sometimes the small creatures can be the most fascinating, with the small gentle details.

Thank you all for being with us down there and we really hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again!

The pilots.

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