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© copyright by Avi Klapfer

© copyright by Avi Klapfer
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
© copyright by Avi Klapfer
We’re just back from a very special trip with Georgienne Bradley and Jay Ireland of the Sea Save conservation group! Highlights included a baitball, a whale shark and lots of macro life!

Renowned underwater photographer Avi Klapfer, one of Undersea Hunter’s owners, was on board this trip -- focusing on his macro lens. Macro life is abundant among all of the Cocos Island dive sites, not just on the afternoon dives to places like Pajara and Viking Rock (where we occasionally see big stuff like tiger sharks, or in the case of this trip, a silvertip at Pajara!). The small creatures are often overlooked in favor of larger animals like sharks and rays. If you look for the small stuff, a tiny and magical universe materializes -- mantis shrimp, seahorses, gobies and blennies the size of half a pinky fingernail are just a few of the many macro photo opportunities at Cocos.

Overall, Manuelita Coral Garden was the best dive site this trip -- there we had some of the most consistent visibility and copious amounts of wildlife. On one of our favorite dives, we had a big group of whitetips hunting alongside black jacks and huge tuna. At other times we had streams of 2-10 hammerheads filing into the cleaning station at at a time.

Another one of our favorite dives took place at Dirty Rock, where we encountered marble rays, eagle rays, some hammerheads...and a whale shark!! A huge school of jacks was glued to the rock, protecting itself from the strong current, and a school of 15+ hammerheads came in close out in the blue.

The arch at Big Dos Amigos was spectacular this trip, with plentiful marine life inside (especially fish life!). There were also some hammerheads at the cleaning station, and a mobula ray at the surface. A mobula ray passed overhead at Punta Maria’s cleaning station, and at the pinnacle we observed black jacks and whitetips hunting. We also encountered a tiger shark at the safety stop!

Submerged Rock wsa full of blue-and-gold snappers, jacks and pregnant whitetips. The highlight at Alycone was the big school of jacks and also mackerel. At Manuelita Channel we found a young tiger shark circling a boobie, that had fallen into the water and was about to become the tiger shark’s dinner. At one point, we even saw a bait ball from the skiff. All in all, this was another all-around fantastic trip to Cocos Island!

© copyright by Robert Ferguson

Dive Conditions
Visibility   91 ft / 28 m
Water Temp.   83°F / 28°C
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