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© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
© copyright by DeepSee
Hello everybody!

Another great trip just ended and we are heading back to land! On this trip we had many amazing co-pilots that joined us to explore the depths of the ocean.
We saw lots of peculiar-looking creatures, one of which was the jellyonose fish, a very strange kind of fish that you can find only in deep waters. He has very big eyes to see in the dark and tentacles with which to feel the rocks under him. In one of our dives we had the honor to meet with a very big one.

We also saw two beautiful octopuses trying to run away from the light of the sub. They managed to hide in some very small gaps, much smaller than the size of their bodies. Fantastic creatures.

We had a shallow dive where we could see the full under water life dancing and celebrating the joy of living; lots of colors, fish, sharks, whales and mobulas, all surrounding Cocos Island.

Thank you all for joining us on our adventures and we hope for many more to come!

See you all soon,

The Pilots

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