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© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
© copyright by Undersea Hunter Group
Hello everybody,

The deep waters of Cocos island keep on delivering! As always, the phrase “I can’t believe there’s so much life so deep!” was repeated on all of our immersions.

We saw mobula rays gliding at different depths, even down to 260m/850ft!!! A silky shark came to visit us at 160m/530ft. On our “shallow” dive to 90m/300ft, we had close encounters with various Galapagos sharks, silvertip sharks and some hammerheads schooling on top of us. It seems that jellynose fishes continue to accumulate in great numbers on the wall from 230m/760ft-300m/1000ft. On the rock formations at 180m/600ft we had moray eels peeping out of every crack, and big king crabs showed off their long claws. Several frogfish were “having a go” at the little bait fish around. Big groupers came less than an inch away from the acrylic dome to give us a good stare. We had life of all sizes surrounding us on all sides, even unknown little nudibranchs were detected after detecting their long spikes swaying with the current.

This trip we had very enthusiastic passengers on board, and they were all super excited about their once in a life time experience. This energy always inspires us to bring out the best for each and every one of our passengers.

We’re excited to meet more ocean enthusiasts and to see what the deep holds for us on our next trip!

See you all on board,

The pilots

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