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Select any component below to explore the various details of DeepSee:
Rear Floatation Bladders
These are flexible floatation bags to establish surface floatation condition.
High Density Foam
This type of closed cell foam will not collapse and crush at depth, so it ensures flotation in deep water.
Horizontal Thrusters
Brushless Electrical Motors - the sub is equipped with 8 electrical thrusters for maximum maneuverability. There are 4 on the back, 2 verticals and 2 laterals.
Oxygen Tanks
Two independent life support systems are installed on the sub. The main tanks capacity will suffice for a full 72-hours of life support in the cabin. The sub is also equipped with four 18-liter oxygen tanks.
Hoist Beam
DeepSee is a single hoist-point design. The sub weights 7.5 tons.
Lateral Thruster
Two lateral thrusters mounted under the hoist beam enable the sub's unique ability to perform sideways movements, also termed crabbing. While facing a wall this allows lateral movement with astounding precision.
Top Hemisphere
This is a perfect 3.3 inch thick acrylic half-sphere. The acrylic has a very close refraction index to seawater, hence it actually becomes invisible once submerged. The cabin is a clam-shell design were the top hemisphere will open to conveniently board one pilot and two passengers.
Bottom Hemisphere
This is the complementary, perfect 3.3 inch thick lower acrylic half-sphere. The acrylic has a refraction index very close to that of seawater, hence it disappears once submerged. During the dive, the lower half-sphere of this clamshell design will add even more perspective to the broad visibility from the cabin, enabling an unparalleled 360 degree view.
Front Floatation Bladders
These two 1000-liter, flexible bags located in the front part of the sub are to establish and maintain surface floatation. The cabin has 30 inches of free board, allowing the launching and recovering the submersible without passengers in the cabin.
Vertical Thrusters
Two, 108 Volt, DC thrusters allow the pilot to control the sub's vertical motion, up or down with great precision.
Pop-Up Bouy
This is a safety device connected with a strong line to the hoist point of the submersible. It can be released by the pilot or by the control vessel shepherding the sub on the surface.
Pilot Control Station
This ergonomically designed station provides the area for all electrical switches and systems controls, allowing the pilot easy access during the dive, while leaving the passenger space unobstructed for observation.
Pilot Seat
This perch is located behind the passenger's seats. The pilot seat is mounted strategically lower and therefore allows both passengers a clear view through the upper and lower spheres.
Passenger Seat
These are cushioned seats with arms and plenty of leg room. The position of the passenger seats guarantees a clear, unobstructed 360 degree view.
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